About Development Exchange Centre-Nepal (DEC-Nepal)

Development Exchange Centre-Nepal (DEC-Nepal) is a centre for learning and sharing on promotion of participatory development. The organization is committed for promoting initiatives for the empowerment and development of poor, marginalized and weaker section of the society.Its efforts are based on the philosophy of participatory action research and people centered development approach. Major action of the organization covers Awareness and Education, Linkage and Networking, Research and Advocacy, Development Support and Communication, Capital Formation at Local Level and Self Governance Promotion. It has a decade long experience in agro-based micro enterprise promotion, sustainable land management, Promotion and Strengthening of Women Farmers’ Federation..

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Establishment of Women Chepang Leaders Action Platforms (WOCLAP)

In the leadership of Local Resource Persons (LRPs) trained through TOT training the 11 WOCLAP (Women Chepang Leadership Action Platforms) groups were

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Training for Trainers (TOT) Event Report

“Helping young Chepang women leaders to promote gender responsive governance” project funded by UNDEF kick starts with five days Training of Trainers

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Current Projects

Know About Our Current Projects

Development Exchange Center (DEC) Nepal is the implementing agency of the “Helping Young Chepang Women Leaders to Promote Gender Responsive Governance in Nepal” project supported ...
Development Exchange Center (DEC) Nepal is implementing local project under Civil Society: Mutual Accountability Project (CS:MAP). It is a project supported by the United States ...
DEC-Nepal has also initiated different micro level initiatives with its own resources such as ethno botanic museum, goat chain program, herbal plant cultivation, women group ...