Center for Learning and Sharing on Participatory Development

Development Exchange Centre-Nepal (DEC-Nepal) is a centre for learning and sharing on promotion of participatory development at local, national and South Asia level. DEC- Nepal, a Regional Level Non-government Development Organization (NGDO) established in 2002 has been consistently engaged in the issues of equitable distribution of power and resources for national development. It is registered with District Administration Office of Chitwan under Social Organization Registration Act 2034 (Registered No. 20/2059-2060) and it is also affiliated with Social Welfare Council (Affiliation No. 16075).

The organization believes on inclusion and right to public life for promotion of democratic good governance and sustainable livelihood. The organization is well aware about issues of transition to democracy in the country and abroad and need to institutionalize rule of law in the country with adequate institutional space for civil society. In order to enhance space for civil society in democratic institutions DEC-Nepal has adopted approaches of networking, non-partisan and multi-stakeholder partnership and people centered advocacy.

The organization has experience of implementing more than 15 development projects supported by different organizations including South Asia Partnership Nepal, South Asia Partnership International, INAFI-Nepal Cardinal Ledger and His Endeavors-Canada, Oxfam Novib-Netherlands, HEIFER International-Nepal, Club 2/3-Canada, World Accord-Canada, IFAD, The World Bank, etc.

It has a decade long organizational experience in the following program sectors: organizational good governance, network management, issue based campaigning, managing forums for development discourse, enterprise promotion, resource mobilization at local level etc. Apart from above areas of experience the organization being close to nature has gained experience in conservation models like organic farming, ethno-botanic museum, agro-forestry, low cost appropriate technology in partnership with other technical support organizations.

DEC-Nepal has subject experts on following areas: gender and social inclusion, lobbying and advocacy, democracy and good governance, knowledge building and management, peace building and conflict management, monitoring and evaluation, climate change, natural resource management, organic farming, resource centre management, social accountability, pro-people planning, microfinance promotion, development support communication, agro-based micro enterprise promotion, etc. The organization hires experts as per its requirement on short, mid and long term basis.


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Picture: Learning space in nature