Establishment of Women Chepang Leaders Action Platforms (WOCLAP)

In the leadership of Local Resource Persons (LRPs) trained through TOT training the 11 WOCLAP (Women Chepang Leadership Action Platforms) groups were formed in coordination with the project team and implementing partner (Nepal Chepang Association) in all 11 target wards. The WOCLAP groups were formed in ward number: 1,2,3,5, 6 and 7 of Icchakamana Municipality and ward number: 3, 8,9,10, and 11 of Kalika Municipality of Chitwan. This WOCLAP groups were formed with the purpose of supporting the building of network among the young Chepang women leaders and provide them common platform for sharing their knowledge, leadership barriers, and develop plans to enhance their engagement in the local governance process. The WOCLAP members (50 from each target ward) were identified by the LRPs were first visited by the project team during the training need assessment. Later among the WOCLAP members 5 board members for each WOCLAP groups were also identified and elected by the WOCLAP members during the WOCLAP establishment events of each ward in August, 2019. The establishment of the 11 WOCLAP groups in all target wards was facilitated by the project team and LRPs of each ward. These WOCLAP groups has already begun conducting activities, cascade sensitization event being first event after its establishment. These groups will be conducting monthly meeting on the social issues jointly identified and developing advocacy plans for these issues.

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