Interaction on Status of Civil Society and their role in changed context

DEC Nepal in coordination with NGO Federation, Nepal Journalist Federation and SAP Nepal organized “Interaction on Status of Civil Society and their role in changed context” on January 10,2018.

The interaction was chaired by Ms. Shikha Shrestha, Chairperson, DEC Nepal. Chief Guest and Special Guests of the events were Mr. Raghu Khulal, Coordinator, District Coordination Committee and Ms. Bhagawati Pudasaini, Co-coordinator. Mr. Krishna Pathak, USAID and Dr. Nirmal Rijal, Equal Access was present as the guests in the interaction that was attended by more than 50 participants representing different government offices and civil society organizations. Ms. Jyoti Bamjan, DEC Nepal was master of ceremony of the interaction. Mr. Janak Karki, SAP Nepal welcomed participants and highlighted objectives of the interaction.

District Coordination Committee, Coordinator committed for creating favorable environment for CSOs. He opined that CSOs should play strong role in strengthening state through dissemination of validated information and community sensitization. He also shared that CSOs including media should support in preparing local policies.

District Coordination Committee, Co -coordinator informed that she had disclosed her assets and property details. She committed for supporting CSOs in increased coordination and playing effective role in society. She opined that these organizations should contribute in promoting democratic governance in society.

USAID representatives stated that CSOs should contribute in increasing representation of marginalized communities in policy formulation processes. He also highlighted on need for continued campaign for zero corruption and strengthening accountability mechanisms of local institutions.

In the interaction, Mr. Bol Bahadur Karki, NGO Federation shared that NGOs played strong role in development endeavors together with contribution in adopting democratic practices. Similarly, another presenter Mr. Pratap Bista highlighted on the importance of media stakeholders on promoting right to information. Most of the participants suggested to provide continuity to these discussion with representation of diverse presence of other domains of CSOs.
DEC Nepal Chairperson reiterated potential way forward discussed in the interaction as:

• Increase representation of marginalized communities in policy and plan formation
• Provide district level policy recommendations after wider discussions on policies formulated for oversight and management of CSOs
• Support municipalities in 5 year plan formulation
• Provide continuity to anti-corruption campaign and support policy makers on declaration of assets and property
• Develop common understanding on indicators of internal good governance promotion and initiate process for civil society coordination committee

DEC Nepal Chairperson concluded the interaction thanking chief guest, special guest, guests, all participants and supporting organizations.