Reinforcing Chepang Women as Change Agents for Promoting Local Goverance funded by UNDEF

Development Exchange Center (DEC) Nepal has launched a new project: Reinforcing Women of the Chepang Community as Change Agents for Promoting Local Governance in Nepal funded by The United Nations Democracy Fund.

This 2-year project (1 January 2015- 31 December 2016) project aims at empowering women in the indigenous Chepang community to increase their engagement in local governance for promoting pro-poor and gender responsive decision-making processes. This will involve capacity building of Chepang women of 6 villages in Chitwan district for amplifying voices of these previously silenced women. The project will collaborate with local government agencies and influential male leaders so that they are more accountable to the needs and aspirations of these marginalized sections of society.

(UNDEF Project Number: UDF-NEP-13-566)

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